Sunday, June 26, 2005

This Totally Rocks!!

By Thor's never empty beer fridge! I feel like a pre-historic hunter/gatherer who has just been given a submachine gun. A month ago we got a new computer. Nothing fancy, but it has a processor that runs in the gigahertz range, with a huge 60 gig. hard drive. Trying to save a bit of green I didn't get a monitor since I already had one. Alas, my poor old monitor was just too dumb for the new computer, and no matter how slowly I made it talk, the antique CRT just wouldn't listen. So there the new computer sat, silent as HAL after he proposed to Daisey, awaiting payday.

Friday was the day. Staples had a sale, and I bought a monitor. This morning I hooked it up. We also signed up for DSL. Today I am WIRED!!!!(there should be a triumphant fanfare here) I never realized how pokey my 6 year old machine was until today. I can download programs in minutes, or even seconds, instead of hours. I can watch streaming video. I can even, dare I say it, download music. Oh sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you! (if you don't know the tune to this, rent Young Frankenstein) And best of all, the phone works when I'm on-line, so when my wife is spending the whole day reading Harry Potter fanfic I can actually get in touch with her.

Now, of course, I can further my internet addiction. If any of you have had this experience you'll understand. Last October my power supply fried, and took most of the computer's innards with it. I was without a computer for nearly two months. At first I didn't consider it a problem, but it soon became painfully obvious just how accustomed I had become to being able to instantly answer any question. To suddenly lose that was jarring. And the fact that it was jarring was even more jarring. I got jar-jarred. (sorry, couldn't resist)

So here I am with an even faster connection, and a machine that can handle it. I don't know if it's right or wrong, but if it's wrong, then I don't want to be right.

Your speedy correspondent,

and just for the sake of my marriage, I haven't even considered the porn capacity of this new set-up. ;-)


laprof said...

Marius my friend, you are a nerd!

pikaresque said...


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