Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I Haven't Forgotten You

Greetings, Faithful Readers,

Pray forgive your tardy blogger. The new job is keeping me quite busy. The theatres were cared for by a gentleman who did so as a side job, so while things are better than they could have been, they are still quite a mess. He kept things functioning, but had no time to do any real, in-depth cleaning or organizing. I finally got a shop-vac yesterday (please, hold your applause) so the crap removal has shifted into high gear. I realize that this is extremely exciting news, so I'm glad I could share it with you today. ;-)

Another reason I have been so quiet of late is that, until I get paid next week, we are too broke to do anything but sit at home and watch the tube. There are all kinds of groovy things to do here, but most of it costs. For example, there are two IMAX theatres here, and at least one of them will be showing Batman Begins. We also live within walking distance of Busch Gardens. In fact I like to watch the roller coasters on my way to work. Ybor City, where I work, is full of groovy stores, great restaurants, and rock clubs(Kayce and Erin, you guys will love it when you come to visit). And we haven't even begun to explore Tampa itself. So as we get out more, I will report more.

Adieu, for now. :-)

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