Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Technology Rocks!

We here at The Corner have recently acquired a device that, were it made mandatory in every household, could end most domestic strife. I am referring to the Digital Video Recorder. We have digital cable here in our new digs, and I wasn't terribly impressed until last night. The box has a built in DVR, and while watching a stand-up comedian my wife came into the room, and as women are wont to do, started talking to me. (now before you get all pissy, ladies, I'm not making a character judgment. It is simply true that most women don't think twice about conversing while the tv is on. I watched my wife and mother-in-law do it to each other quite a bit over the last three weeks.) My wife, however, has the uncanny ability to speak at exactly the right moment to obliterate either a punch line or very relevant plot point. But, since I am a child of the 'Mars/Venus' era, I have learned to be tolerant of such interruptions, though they bug me no end. So, true to form, my wife spake unto me right as the punch line was delivered. As usual I gave her my attention, then returned to watching, while trying to extrapolate what the missing words were. Then, in an epiphany worthy of a Terry Gilliam animated segue I remembered those commercials...'you can even rewind or pause live tv!' I grabbed the remote, found the rewind button, held my breath, and pressed it. Lo and behold the comedian froze in mid-joke, then proceeded to wander backward about the stage. I pressed play, and heard the missing punch line! And there was a loud Hosanna!! As God is my witness, I'll never miss an important line again!!!!!!

Now, I wonder if I can get the thing to filter out those obnoxious Enzyte commercials. I'll keep you posted.

Yours in Domestic Bliss,

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