Friday, August 05, 2011

30 Days Of Female Awesomeness: Day 3: Favourite Female Character In A Canon You Gave Up On

This one turned my brain into a bit of a pretzel, then the clouds parted and clarity was restored, in spite of horrifically mixed metaphors. Gwen Cooper, played by Eve Myles, one of the only surviving regulars of the Doctor Who spin off, Torchwood. Gwen is an ex-cop who is drawn into the reality-bending universe of the show by the immortal, and impossibly good looking, Captain Jack Harkness. Gwen is a strong, gorgeous, and capable character who is trying to juggle fighting aliens and interdimensional forces and having a family. Myles does a fantastic job as an actor, but I just don't care about the show. One of the hallmarks of Torchwood is that you can't really get attached to any of the main characters because...and this is a wee spoiler...all but the aforementioned Jack and Gwen have been killed during the shows three and a half seasons. Added to that this latest season is only playing on the STARZ network here in the states, which would require me to add $16/month to my cable package. Sadly as much as I admire Eve Myles, and like the character of Gwen Cooper, the show just isn't worth nearly $200. But there have been some good things in Torchwood in its previous seasons, and if you like Doctor Who but wish it was darker, give it a watch. Plus, if you like accents as much as I do, Eve's lovely Welsh accent will leave you a puddle on the sofa.

See y'all tomorrow.

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