Monday, March 02, 2009

Uh, Sorry.

Ok, yesterday's post was rife with teh suck. First of all, very little of it was even remotely interesting, and second I was fairly buzzed when I wrote it. That's a bad combination. Of the events listed only the cosmic balancing act of Duke's visit(yay!) and the car's brake job(suck!) were pertinent. The rest was just Newcastle inspired drivel. Pray accept my humblest apologies.

I never thought that the following words would ever escape any form of expression instigated by yours truly, but it must be said that I actually miss George Bush. Now don't go calling the guys in white coats just yet. What I mean is that politics has/have(I never know if 'politics' is a singular or plural noun) gone back to normal. And in this case normal = boring. Barak Obama seems to be doing his best to get the nation, and by extension the world, back on track economically, but the details of said efforts are about as exciting as a date with Alan Greenspan. Even the partisan bickering between the 'we won't agree to anything that the Democrats come up with' Republicans and the rest of the non-brain dead people in Congress isnt' very exciting. It's just the typical Neocon mating cry, "Cut Taxes!" Well, since W's final fuck you to the Marius household was a higher tax bill than any I've paid before, I'm not too sympathetic with those who feel the tax burden on the wealthy is too high.

WAKE UP!!!!!! I'm sorry, I should know better than to go off on an economic tear. I promise I won't put you to sleep again. This will, hopefully, be a good week. Thursday the missus and I will be going to see Spamalot! with, according to the billboards, Richard Chamberlain as King Arthur. Hopefully he'll rock the part(although being as it's a Thursday matinee I wouldn't be surprised if we saw an understudy). I will, of course, give you lovely folks a full report after.

Ok, that's all for now. May this first week of March be a groovy and productive one, unless you actually have time off, then may it be groovy and restful. In any case take care, y'all. :-)



C.L.J. said...

Don't worry, you won't see an understudy in for Chamberlain unless he's actually sick.

Turtle said...

Why are you apologizing? This is YOUR blog, and you can damn well write whatever you wish, exciting or boring.

Dude, this is the "story of your life" and they're not all going to be gems.

Write about the mundane on occasion, and don't sweat it. It lets the world know who you are. (I already know who you are, but I've the benefit of 30 odd years of friendship...)

Unwind, and have a beer-bloggin day every now and then!

Rosebuckle said...

I totally agree with Turtle. You should write what you want to write! Don't worry about the readers.
If we want big excitement we can get a book. I believe most of your readers are simply interested in you.
So, let the buzz begin, damn the audience!

Stinkypaw said...

No need to apologize, this space is yours to do whatever you want with!

flurrious said...

I would prefer an all-meerkat format. I believe we have discussed this before.

celebhith said...

If we're discussing preferences for your blog, I'd prefer an all-Clay content, but I've learned to live without it. Write what you write, let us deal with whatever it is.