Sunday, March 01, 2009

So Anyway

It's been a good weekend. It didn't start off that way. I was supposed to go away to an SCA event Saturday morning to witness the stepping down of one of my dearest friends from the position of baron of the Gainesville chapter, and the investiture of another one of my dearest friends into that self-same position. And I was going to do some fighting. But I fear I may have talked about this venture within earshot of my car, and she decided that she did not feel like driving three hours out into the wilds of North Central Florida. Instead she informed me on Friday afternoon, in no uncertain terms, that unless a brake job were performed immediately we would not be going anywhere. So, no event. But Friday night Duke, yet another of my oldest and dearest friends(I am blessed with an abundance of such people in my life)was in the area, so he came over and we drank beer, talked comic books and Star Trek, then he treated me to dinner. Much beer was consumed, and a bit was recorded for the podcast(out on Wednesday). I have to confess that my neurosis about interacting with people grows annoying. I found myself trying to come up with reasons to postpone or cancel the get-together, but it was such a comfortable and fun evening I'm glad I did not. Why am I trying to become a hermit?

Saturday found me cracking open my computer to hook up my old hard drive so I could retrieve the pictures that languished there, and then reformat it in preparation for its new home in Frankenputer. The only snag in the plan is that the copy of Windows Vista Basic I ordered has gone on back order. But on the plus side, Targon has a LCD monitor for me. I just need to find a time to get back down to West Palm. Hopefully during Spring Break I can take a couple of days to go down there. Then we went to CiCi's Pizza. The COA likes it there, and it is all you can eat, but the offerings last night were mediocre at best. But it was filling. Also Duke loaned us his copy of Watchmen, so I'll have it read before the movie comes out later this year.

Today was laundry, and beer day. And blogging day. And that's about it. What are you doing today?

Marius the uninteresting.


flurrious said...

My conversion to hermit is about 70% complete, but then I was born at 35%, so I feel I should be further along by now.

dmarks said...

It's so bizarre that Vista can be out of stock. After all, it is the OS that everyone hates.

celebhith said...

Oh, goody! so, when's spring break so I can put you on my calendar????

Turtle said...

Just for the record, while technically accurate, "later this year" is deceptive. Watchmen comes out this Friday.

From what I hear, it is very dedicated to the graphic novel, which is what I really hoped for.