Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Tale of P's and V's

So I have renamed Starbuck. Henceforth he shall be referred to as PV, or pesky varmint. He has hit his 'teen' period and is doing his level best to make sure that no one wastes any of that lovely darkness by sleeping. Nor is he to fail in his mission to make sure that everything that can be on the floor, will be on the floor. He has also gone from silent mewing, where he would open his mouth as if to speak but no sound would come out, to a nearly constant litany of under-his-breath feline muttering whenever he gets told no. It's actually quite funny when I shoo him out of a cupboard, or off of the turtle tank, and he walks away going 'mewp...squeak, squeak...turns and looks at me...meeeeewwp!' Artemis is feeling much better since she's been on the anti-biotics, although we will both be very happy when the pills are gone. She even chased the lazer this morning while I was trying to distract PV from more dining room demolishion. It was totally worth giving up the war to get a happier kitty.

Our human varmint is on her Spring Break this week, and is spending it with her grandparents, so Mrs. Marius and I went to the movies the other night. We saw V for Vendetta. Now, I must give some background history here. Given my entertainment proclivities, and my circle of friends, one would imagine that I am a big comic book fan. Alas, 'tis not so. In fact there are more words in todays blog than there are comic books I have read. I just never got into them. This did not really matter much to me until recently when the X-Men movies came out. Die hard fans of the comics were sorely diappointed in the films, but since I had no preconceptions I loved them. The same can be said for V for Vendetta. I never read the graphic novel(as comics are now wont to be called)and I understand the author is displeased with the final film, but we loved it! It takes place in a totalitarian England of the not-too-distant future where an American civil war, and further Middle Eastern aggression have allowed a dictator who promises security over freedom to come to power. What follows is a rather elaborate story of a young girl, Natalie Portman shining as I have never seen her do before, who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, as she gets accidentally caught up in the machinations of a mysterious, masked vigillante called V. It is V's intention to bring down the Hitler-esque regime, and restore freedom to the Motherland. Hugo Weaving(Agent Smith, Elrond) plays V, and though we never really see his face, his nearly Shakespearean dialogue, and hermit/nerd cum superhero performance endear him to the viewer even as he wreaks a terrible revenge on those who stole his...well, let me not spoil anything. I highly recommend this flick, and will wait anxiously for the DVD.

So go forth, gentle readers, get some of that Spring air into your lungs, pet a cat, and get thee to the multiplex.

Here endeth the lesson.


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