Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Wish...

I can't sleep, even though I'm exhausted, and sore, and really want to sleep, but my brain is apparently in denial about the need for rest. So instead of being asleep I'm sitting here at the computer waiting for the Ambien to kick in. So hi, how are you? I wish I were enthused about stuff again. I mean stuff other than my baby. I love her so much it hurts sometimes, and then I weep with joy. I also weep at almost anything involving babies now. It's kind of annoying, but since the source of it is my darling little one it's ok. But what I mean is that the reason I haven't been blogging is that things don't seem to be firing me up anymore. Politics just annoy me, and I hardly watch TV. Work has settled into something of a routine...well, as much of a routine as any Theatre gig can be. I need more money, but who doesn't? It's hot, but bitching about the weather is about as effective as Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign, and far more annoying. I'm fatter than I have ever been, and the reason is I sit around after the baby finally goes to sleep and surf the net and snack...again, not an interesting topic. And so it goes. So, dear readers, if, indeed, any of you are still out there, what shall I write about? I would love to start doing this again, but my muses have all fled in the face of diapers and midnight feedings. Oh, there is one bit of news, but it's not happy. Starbuck has been missing for two weeks now. He figured out that he could pop the screens out of the windows and get outside. I fought with him for several weeks, trying to come up with a way to keep him inside, yet not baking the house by closing all the windows. Alas, the persistence of felis domesticus retardensis wore me down and I got him vaccinated, and tagged, and showed him the doggie door in the back room. Now let me explain that it seems impossible to find a simple leather collar for a cat. They're all these nylon jobs in unnatural colors, and they all have a quick release clasp so moggie doesn't hang herself. Well I picked the collar with the tightest clasp and bejeweled it with his rabies vaccination bona fides and a tag laser etched with his name and address. I put these around his neck and showed him the back doggy door. He was so thrilled to be outside. He chased lizards, and generally lounged around, and within two days he had rid himself of the pesky collar. This was a Saturday night. He came in for his nightly helping of second dinner and that's the last we've seen of him. I keep hoping his walkabout is just a matter of him being unable to find his way home, and that eventually he'll catch a whiff of whatever I'm serving, and come running home. But every Starbuckless morning, and every fruitless trip to the local animal shelter(and if you ever want to be thoroughly depressed take a walk through the cages of one of those places) brings less and less of that hope that we'll see him again. And just for the record this is precisely the reason I don't like to let my cats go outside. Anywhoo, what's up with you? Marius


Anonymous said...

Well my friend, you sound about where I am or where I was. (sans baby and wife) I think the first thing to do is a make a forced modification to your schedule. Set something up either as a distraction or as a routine you may look forward to. Perhaps a new or old book to read, maybe a tv show. I have found I try to temper my online time because in the end he niht seems to end smoother by being on my laptop less. Ruts are the hardest thing to pull out of. I find taking a roadtrip is the best medicine, because I get out and go somewhere different
hopefully with an activity to do when I get there. (photography)

As for the weight issue, I am fighting the 230lb firm limit. Having gone from 285 down to 217 over the course of 6 years or so, I do kot want to bounce back up. So I buy less snack opportunity food. Switch out soda for water or the blended veg/fruit juices. You have the will l, you will find a way.

Sorry to hear about Starbuck. Have you tried driving or walking around the block and calling out for them?


flurrious said...

Cats tend to stick close to home when they disappear. He may be hiding out in a neighbor's garage or the like. Searching on your block and the adjacent ones is probably a good idea.

I think a person's blogging tends to fall off when everyone in your circle starts blogging less. There's only one person on my blogroll who posts at all regularly; everyone else is down to rarely and most have stopped entirely. It might give you some inspiration to seek out some dad bloggers, since that's where most of your focus is these days.

Sam E. said...

Hoping Starbucks comes back.

Agustin said...

Hi Admiral:

Good to hear from you again. It's been a long time.

I understand that life is getting much busy these days for you. Your baby and your family are your proirity noadays, and you may feel sometimes "trapped" in routine.

You should save a couple of minutes each day to do a relaxing activity alone, like taking a walk, jogging, sitting down to listen to some music, or perhaps doing something expontaneous to break the routine.
That would help your mood, and perhaps your health too.

Also that will help you boost yolur energies, so you can see things brighter around you.

As for Starbuck, I have no idea about how long can a lost cat survive alone, and I would like you to fin him again, but I won't lie to you: It seems unlikely that he will return. Two weeks seems too much for me for him to return by himself. That's sad, but you should realize it.

On the other hand, it is not advised to have pets around little children, because the animal fluff can damage them, and they can develop allergies or worse health problems.

I know (for experience) how painful losing a family pet can be, but it he doesn't return anymore, you should not have any more pets in your house while Sharon is still a little baby.

OK. Enough taking. I hope I didn't bore you with this long comment.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Good luck