Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I know I said that I would post an entry every time flurrious did, and some of you might have noticed that she did so just last week, but I did not, but she posted again this week, and it's part 2 of last week's post, so I'm still good, right? Right? *le sigh*

Anyway, the real reason I haven't posted anything is that I'm trying to not be that obnoxious new dad who only ever talks about The Baby(insert golden light from above and a heavenly choir here) You know that guy. Has a wallet full of photos that are all nearly identical, brags about the latest bowel movement stats like her diaper is an NBA court, already knows what college she'll attend, etc. The truth is I AM that guy, but I've been subjected to enough of that over the years that I'm actively fighting it...and mostly succeeding. But, and I hope you'll forgive me this one indulgence, ain't she cute?

Anyway, I have a theory about the latest spate of Republican nutjobs competing for the GOP nomination for 2012. They all seem irredeemably insane, and this has puzzled me for a while, because even at his back-woodsy nuttiest, George W. Bush never acted as batshit crazy as this bunch. But I think I have it figured out. Unseating an incumbent president is historically difficult, and the GOP doesn't seem to have a truly viable candidate right now, so what if they're trotting out the lunatic fringe that keeps begging to sit at the adult's table so that when they inevitably get trounced by Obama then they can legitimately tell them next time that they had their chance, and they need to slink back into the basement while the grownups handle the real work of sucking corporate di...um, funding.

Either that or the whole party is just a bunch of whack jobs.

Either way it's entertaining as hell, but I will miss Herman Cain.

Peace, y'all.


Rosebuckle said...

I'm thinkin' whack jobs.

flurrious said...

I sometimes think the Republican Party is reaching the end of its natural life. When Michelle Bachmann says with a totally straight face that there's nothing wrong with waterboarding, how is that different from an elderly dementia sufferer walking around the Safeway in his underwear? I will also miss Herman Cain and his inability to either talk or stop talking depending on what the opposite of what's required is.

Janet said...

I love the picture of the two of you in the hats! And YES she is adorable!

Stinkypaw said...

Good thing you had those pict. 'cause I didn't get the rest of te post - me and politics is sad, but me and US politics even more sad! ;-)

Cute tuques btw!

Marius said...

And the current state of US politics is the saddest of them all.