Monday, January 24, 2011

Starbase Repairs

Hi, Folks,
Please forgive this shameless begging, but the Starbase is in dire need. My computer is having serious problems, and the time has come that we need a new one to keep the show going. Unfortunately, with a baby on the way, what little discretionary income we have is dedicated to the impending birth. To that end I have set up a donate button on our show's website so folks can kick in a buck or two to help keep the show going. If you listen, and feel we are worthy of a a few sheckles, please help. No amount is too small, and every penny, after PayPal gets its cut, will go directly into the show. And if you can't, that's groovy too. We still love you. :-)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Internet, already in progress.

Peace, y'all,

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