Monday, July 27, 2009

Starbuck To The Rescue

The psychology of cats is a subject that has turned many human beings into gibbering, Lovecraftian wrecks, but lately Starbuck has been even weirder than normal. It is not uncommon for cats to rail against a closed door. It is in their very nature to desire, nay demand access to any and all areas of the world in which they live(i.e. our house), so the questing paw under the bathroom door is an all-too familiar sight round these parts. But lately, due to a child who is away, and my wife's work schedule, I get to spend the better part of the mornings here alone...well, sans other humans, anyway. And when I am alone I tend to revert to my bachelor's ways, among which is a disregard for the state of the bathroom door when ere I need the facilities. And here's where the weirdness comes in. Occasionally Artemis will wander in to see if I need anything, and then depart, but Doofus, I mean Starbuck frequently come galloping in, often with a superhero-like fanfare(don't ask me how he does it, we don't even have any trumpets in the house) and looks around as if to make sure there are no monsters or other hazards I might encounter during my stay there. It's even stranger when I leave the door open while showering. Often I will be greeted by an obviously distraught feline who loudly meows his relief that I got out of the shower alive. Then he leaps into the tub and begins to lap up the remaining puddles of water. And lastly, this is not a rare sight these days:

So I dedicate this blog post to Starbuck:Keeper of the Shoes, Defender of the Bathroom, Scratcher of all things, Lord of the Bitchy Meow, Master of All He Lies Upon. May he stay goofy forever.

Marius the Entertained


Kumar said...

I might have to reconsider my no-pets policy.

Alysoun said...

And May All Sinks Abide His Furriness Forever!

Stinkypaw said...

Now that's a lovely sight, look at that face!!

You should feel priviledge to have a defender of the bathroom living with you!

flurrious said...

The look on his face is cracking me up. If he could speak, I think he would tell you that you are henceforth forbidden to shave.

Rosebuckle said...

All Hail Starbuck!
Defender, Lord and Master!