Monday, March 12, 2007

Daylight Sucking Time

Ok, I was planning to hop in the Wayback Machine(tm) and kick Ben Franklin in the nads for inflicting us with the annoying Daylight Saving Time crap, but being a slave to accuracy I had to research just when he invented it. It turns out that he mentioned it in a humerous essay in 1784, but it was ignored until 1907 when William Willett suggested it to the British Parliament. Willett proposed advancing 80 minutes in four moves of 20 minutes spread out through the Summer months, but Parliament said no thanks. Then, in 1918 they created British Summer Time, and even though we had cast off most things English by then, we followed suit. So now I am going to laud Guy Fawkes as a failed genius. Maybe if he had succeeded in blowing up Parliament in 1605 I might have been able to sleep a bit later today.

Marius the Tired and Grumpy

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