Saturday, July 23, 2005

Photo Experiment #1

Our Triumphant Return to Florida Posted by Picasa

Hiya, Folks!
Well, as you can see we've been doing some remodeling here at The Corner. I'm also starting to play with posting pictures and such, although this one was supposed to go into my profile, but what the hey, HTML is a strange creature, and I'm still a novice at it's intricacies. Anyhoo, the above photo was taken at the first Florida rest stop on I-10. I know, not very exciting, but give me some time and I'm sure I'll have lots of Godzilla vs. an Imperial Star Destroyer pics up soon. ;-)

Love and kisses,

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rosebuckle said...

I like the change of page. The white on black left impressions of the page on my eyes after reading (especially from some of your longer blogs)
And hey, the picture is very sweet!